Kitchen Renovation 101: Tips and Tricks to Remember

The kitchen can easily be one of the busiest rooms in the home, and naturally, it takes its own share of wear and tear, and needs renovation more often than other rooms possibly. Now it can get a bit pricey at times, but with these super effective and actionable tips, you can sort things out more easily. Read on…

Focus on the lighting to make your kitchen appear better- both task and ambient lighting. This can be especially helpful if your kitchen looks dull and dark.

  • Change the cabinets and get the pull and knob variety- not only are they more functional, but also make things easier in the kitchen.
  • Reface instead of replace- this works wonderfully when you’re looking to update your kitchen cabinets and are on a budget. Hire a professional, such as Unique Design to do this and they’ll update your cabinet faces and drawer fronts and give it a fresh new look. This would cost you just half of what it would if you would have replaced the entire cabinet.
  • Change the backsplash for a whole new look- a modern tile set-up with bright or contrasting colors can really change the look and feel of your kitchen, and it doesn’t even cost you a lot.

  • Focus on the hardware for the cabinets and sink. This important point often tends to go undervalued, but choosing kitchen Cabinet Hardware and fittings and making sure they are durable and high quality ones can go a long way.
  • Keep the appliances updating for the last- unless you need to fix something immediately or have a kitchen appliance that has spent a lot of years. This is because that’s something you can easily do later.
  • Focus on the functionality aspect of the kitchen, and then on the appeal part. Make sure the designs that you select, the fittings that you do, the lighting, the flooring and everything else work in sync together and are functional. Make the aesthetic appeal the secondary part.
  • Go neutral, especially if you’re skeptical about experimenting with bold colors and textures. One of the best kitchen remodeling tips to follow is to play it safe.
    When buying expensive items, also make note of the resale value of the products. A lot of people tend to splurge when it comes to buying a luxury kitchen item, but it ends up being less functional and doesn’t have any mentionable resale value.

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